Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Session Update

Well after finally managing to catch a carp last weekend it's back to business as usual for this week with another blank.
This weeks carp fishing session was a grueller, there was a stiff northerly wind blowing into the shallows and spotting carp wasn't easy, in fact I didn't actually see a fish until the wind dropped off in the evening.
Things looked promising early on, I covered the same area I caught from last weekend assuming the carp would visit the area at some time in the day, after all, the area was what I consider a natural hotspot, an area the carp would visit often in search of food. Conditions were very similar to last weekend, the only difference was the wind being a bit stronger. 10 minutes after casting out the left hand rod was away with a full blooded run, I hit it and played the fish in, for some unknown reason it just didn't register that it might not be a carp. The fish came in easily and I assumed it was swimming towards me. Once under the rod tip I gingerly applied a bit more pressure to the fish and up popped a small bream about 3lb in weight, not quite what I was after really!. I unhooked the fish in the water to avoid getting my landing net slimey and it swam off strongly none the worse for its quick trip to the bank.
The day passed slowly after the bream, nothing showed so it was just a case of sitting tight and waiting for the carp to give their presence away. At around 7pm the wind dropped a little and I began to notice the odd carp showing and bubbling, sadly, they weren't quite in the area I was fishing although I could cover them with a bait as the swims either side of me were empty. I shuffled the rods around a bit for the last few hours, just dropping stringers where the carp were showing but this week my efforts were in vain, these particular carp are well fished for and everytime a lead landed on them they would move away from the disturbance. This game of 'cat and mouse' went on for the rest of my session with me dropping baits in the area the carp showed and the carp moving away from the area. Unfortunately short session carp fishing doesn't allow you time to wait for the carp to come to you, you have to get your baits in front of the fish, last week it worked for me and I caught one, this week the carp just weren't in the mood. Eventually, the rain began to set in, Rather than get wet I called it a day half an hour early and collected another blank for my ever growing collection.

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