Sunday, 2 November 2008

Welcome to North West Carp

Welcome to my carp fishing blog. My name is Mark and I'm a long time angler from Wirral in the North West of England.
I've been an angler all my life and for the last 18 years I've concentrated on catching specimen carp from waters here in the North West.
One thing I realised very quickly is that our low stocked meres in Cheshire and Shropshire are hard work!. It requires a lot of time, effort and dedication to catch some of our regions big fish and for me personally its a never ending quest.
I'm hoping this blog will become my 'online carp fishing diary', somewhere I can put down my thoughts and share some of the highs and lows that specimen carp fishing brings. No dought there will be long periods of inactivity on the bank punctuated by those mad moments when everything falls right and you get that magic fish thats makes all the effort worth while!.
Inbetween the successes I will share my thoughts about a variety of subjects within carp fishing and fishing in general, tackle, bait, local clubs, waters and the tactics I use to try and catch fish.
Carp fishing in the North West can grind you down sometimes, weeks or months of no fish tends to get you wondering what you're doing wrong, it's easy to rack up the blanks and occaisionally you have to take a rest from it so you may see the odd entry about barbel fishing during the summer months. During the winter I might do a bit of pike fishing so expect the odd entry about piking too.
I'm out fishing at least once a week so this site will hopefully see regular updates throughout the year, I'm aiming to update the site as often as possible so please feel free to bookmark the site and return.
Fishing is a great hobby, there are so many different things involved in trying to catch fish and everybody has their own way of doing things, you're more than welcome to add any comments or hints and tips of your own to this site via the comments feature although it is moderated by me to avoid spam. No matter how long you've been involved in fishing you'll find there's always something new to learn!.

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