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Peperami for Carp Fishing

Peperami has been around for many years, as carp baits go this spicey and meaty flavoured snack is really good. Carp seem to like the taste of it and they are attracted to it in a big way so let’s take a look at peperami for carp fishing.

Peperami is available in most stores and shops, I tend to buy mine in the multi packs from the supermarket, bought as a bunch of 5’s I think they are cheaper than individual peperami sticks. One tip I have for buying Peperami from the supermarket is to wait until it’s discounted. Every now and again they mark peperami down to clear stock and when I see it at a discount I’ll pick up a bunch of 5’s. At the moment a bunch of 5’s is £2.75 so it’s not a cheap carp bait by any means.

A low double common carp taken on peperami with a small mesh bag of peperami chops

When carp fishing with Peperami I open up a stick and cut it into pieces with a pair of braid scissors. Chopping up a stick of peperami like this gives you a hookbait for your carp rig and a small handful of freebies which you can either throw in, mix with pellets or mesh up in some PVA Mesh. Peperami and pellets are a great combination for carp fishing but in winter I like to use just the peperami for my carp fishing.

Peperami for Carp Fishing, click below to watch

I put one piece of peperami on my carp hair rig, once the bait is held in place with a hair stop I start to trim the peperami with my braid scissors to remove most of the outer skin. I leave the skin underneath the peperami, where the hair enters the bait. Peperami skin is quite tough and by leaving it alone at the entry point, I lessen the risk of the hair cutting through the bait when playing a carp. If you can keep your peperami hookbait after catching a fish, you can re-use it without needed another piece for the hair rig.

With a trimmed down piece of peperami mounted on my carp hair rig I’ll either add a small pva mesh bag of chopped peperami or I’ll just fish it as a single hookbait. Remember it’s winter so you don’t want a lot of feed in your carp swim, you just want to try and ‘nick a bite’ and using peperami for carp is ideal for doing this.

Peperami carp bait clearly visible at the capture of this carp

Some carp anglers like to tip their peperami with foam so they have a bright colored ‘sighter’ for the carp to home in on and to add a little buoyancy to the hookbait. Be very wary of doing this, it works and works well but don’t critically balance your hookbait. Peperami is loaded with oil and oil is heavier than water. As the oil leaks out of your peperami and water replaces it, your peperami will get lighter. If you’ve critically balanced your bait so it sinks very slowly, you may find your bait floating once some of the oil has leaked out. Tip your peperami with a piece of Rig Foam by all means but make sure it sinks reasonably quickly rather than very slowly.

Rods are out and my peperami carp baits will catch fish today

Used as a single hookbait, peperami is very easy to use, it comes nice and neatly packed and it’s ideal for carp fishing, you can just keep a couple of sticks in your bait bucket or tackle box and it’s really convenient. Most people fish with boilies but it’s important to have a ‘change bait’ for scratching time when you’re struggling for bites and peperami is one of my favorites when I’m struggling. You may have your own ‘go to’ carp bait for those tough times but if you haven’t, you should consider trying peperami for carp fishing.

Video fish, 13lb 6oz taken using peperami for carp fishing

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