Sunday 13 November 2022

Spod Leader Knot

Spodding has become a common practice in carp fishing over the last 20 years, it's generally accepted that a braided main line is best for spodding because it's very thin and you can cast a long way with it but you need to use a heavier braided shock leader in order to take the weight of your spod or spomb on the cast.

The fishing knot that the majority of carp anglers use for their spodding set up these days is the back to back grinner knot so if you've an interest in using a spod or spomb in your carp fishing then this is the spod leader knot you should use.

Spod Leader Knot (click to watch)

The back to back grinner knot is ideal for joining two different breaking strain braids together, the shock leader should be roughly 3 rod lengths long and 50lb in breaking strain with 20lb braid for the main line.
Take one end of the 50lb shock leader braid and form a loop holding the braid between your thumb and forefinger. Lay the 20lb braided main line over it too so you are holding both braids between thumb and forefinger and leave a decent sized tag on both sides for tying the two sides of the knot.

Form a loop in the 50lb leader braid

Wrap the 50lb braid around both lines as if you're doing an overhand knot, go through the loop 5 times and then tighten the knot down lightly.

Wrap around the loop 5 times and tighten down

Turn the two lines around and form a loop in the 20lb braid you're using for the main line and repeat, put the 20lb braid tag through the loop 5 times and tighten down lightly.

Turn the line around and do the same with the 20lb braid

At this point you should have two knots back to back and it's just a case of pulling both lines so the knots bed together 'back to back', this is the back to back grinner knot and it makes an excellent spod leader knot for your spodding setup. Tie your spod or spomb to the other end of your 3 rod length long 50lb braided shock leader and you're good to go.

With both knots tightened down pull them together to form your back to back grinner knot

If these instructions leave you in any doubt about how to tie this spod leader knot please check out the video above in this article, you can't beat actually seeing a fishing knot being tied.

Tight Lines.

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