Monday, 24 November 2008

Walton Hall Park Carp

Located in Walton Hall Park in Walton, Liverpool.

Fishing is controlled by Liverpool City Council and is FREE!

There are no bait bans or restrictions on rods, being controlled by the Council, anything goes.

The lake itself is around 3 acres in size, and has two large islands, one at each end of lake. There is a fence and a tarmac path running all the way around the lake, this makes the use of a rod pod a must. Nobody is sure about the stock of carp in the lake, from my own observations of carp on the surface when its sunny, I would say that there are about 50 carp present, of which 10-12 of these are 20lb+. Most of the fish are commons, with there being only four known mirrors present. One of the mirrors is 20+, the rest of the 20's are commons. Biggest fish is a common of 27lb+, which comes out regularly. Most of the rest of the fish are doubles, averaging around the 16lb mark.

Walton Hall Park biggie at 27lb 4oz

Walton Hall Park is not the easiest of carp venues, however there is virtually nowhere in Merseyside were you can catch a 27+ common!. This is definitely one of the top venues around for the scouse carper. The fish are most active 2-3 hours before and 2-3 hours after sunrise. This is the quietest time of day in the park, and you'll probably find yourself alone at this time. One tip I can give is to keep all your gear were you can see it. The park is surrounded by housing estates, and the kids are thieving little so and so's. Having said that, a lot of them have got pb commons over 20lb!!. Should you wish to find out more about 'Wally Park', just ask for info in Johnson's Tackle in Rice Lane, its only a mile or so up the road, just past Walton Prison.

It's been many years since i did any carp fishing on Walton Hall Park. Although the fishing is still free you now need a 'parks fishing licence' which can be obtained from any of the one stop council shops.
The big common pictured above finally reached 30lb+ which is great news for liverpool carp anglers. I understand things have changed a bit and I'm not sure if the council allow night fishing these days?. As I mentioned above, drop into Johnson's Tackle in Rice Lane and they'll give you some up to date advice regarding the carp fishing in the park.

Tight Lines


  1. What are the carp like for taking bread off the top

  2. it's been a long time since i fished here mate, back in the day the carp were suckers for a piece of floating bread and i reckon it's still worth a go, i'd wait for the summer months now though.


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