Sunday 30 July 2017

Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

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The sport of fishing is a strange one, we get bombarded with adverts and advice about baits, tackle, rigs and lures yet in reality fishing is as simple as putting a bait or lure in front of the fish. Finding the fish is near enough everything and if we break captures down in terms of importance then catching fish is 98% location, 1% bait and 1% rig, you simply can’t catch them if they aren’t there.

Brown lens polarizing sunglasses for fishing, great all rounders if you're new to our sport

With location being so vital to successful fishing, Polarised Sunglasses suddenly become a very important item of tackle that we really can't afford to be without. A good pair of Polarised sunglasses will take the glare off the water’s surface and allow us to see down into the water and this is a massive help when it comes to finding or spotting fish. With a pair of sunglasses on you can certainly spot fish that you couldn’t see with the naked eye. If you are a fly or lure angler polarizing sunglasses also offer some protection for your eyes, we’ve all seen the pictures that go round social media sites like facebook with an unlucky angler having a hook right through the eyeball after a freak accident, pictures like that really make me cringe and simply wearing a pair of these glasses whilst fishing will keep your eyes safe from harm, especially if you are casting repeatedly.

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Choosing a pair of polarizing sunglasses for fishing is easy for new anglers if you follow this simple advice, just remember that lens colour is the most important thing when considering a new pair of Polarised Sunglasses and below is a quick guide to the three main lens colours and their use in fishing.

Black or Dark Grey Lens Sunglasses
A black or dark grey lens blocks out the most light from the sun. This makes them ideal for bright sunny days. You know the type of day, not a cloud in the sky and the sun beating down relentlessly. If you are out fishing in these conditions then black or dark grey lens glasses are perfect for fish spotting when it’s really bright.

Polarised Sunglasses featuring a black or dark grey lens, great for finding fish on bright sunny days

Amber Lens Sunglasses (Yellowy colour)
An amber or yellow lens lets in quite a lot of light. This makes them ideal for low light conditions. Again you know the type of day, it’s dull and overcast with plenty of dark clouds around or it’s late in the day and approaching dusk and the light is fading. If you are out fishing and it’s quite dull then the amber lens glasses are perfect for spotting fish in low light conditions.

Amber lens Polaroid Sunglasses, ideal for spotting fish on dull and overcast days

Brown Lens Sunglasses
A brown lens is a really good compromise between black and amber lenses. Brown lens sunglasses don’t block out as much light as the black lens and they don’t let in as much light as the amber lens. Although they aren’t perfect for very bright or very dull days, they offer the best compromise if you just want one pair of glasses and it’s the brown lens polarizing sunglasses I’d recommend a newcomer to fishing to buy first because they will be great for all but the very brightest or dullest conditions, which is most of the time.

A bonus mirror carp caught when I spotted some fish with my brown lens polarising sunglasses

I’m mainly a short session carp angler so it’s vital that I locate those carp as quickly as I can. The first thing I do when I arrive at a lake is put my polarised sunglasses on, I’ve gained so many bonus captures when I’ve walked around a lake and found carp I wouldn’t have seen with the naked eye. Of all the items of tackle out there, a decent pair of polarizing sunglasses for fishing are a must for all fishermen the world over, whether you are a fly angler, a lure angler, a carp angler, a pike angler, river angler or a sport fisherman of any kind, a decent pair of Polarised Sunglasses will help you catch more fish and you are certainly missing out on extra captures if you don't own and use them.
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