Sunday 19 November 2017

Best Fishing Waterproofs

The good old British weather, as fishermen we just can’t escape it and if you’re a regular bankside visitor or you’re new to Angling and plan to be fishing a lot, then sooner or later you’ll find yourself caught in the rain and you’ll get a good soaking.

The good old British weather, sooner or later you get wet!

It took me many years to realise the value of a decent set of fishing waterproofs and when I started researching what I was going to buy I wasn’t particularly happy with the choice. I couldn’t find a decent set from a fishing tackle company, not many sold them and those that did were quite expensive. Fortunately internet carp forums were getting very popular and it was quite easy to find out what other anglers were doing to get round the lack of choice and it became obvious very quickly that army surplus gear was very very popular and with good reason, you could get top quality waterproofs for fishing from an army surplus store for not a lot of money and Ebay was the place to go for them and funnily enough it still is today.

Click below to watch me take a look at the best fishing waterproofs available today.

British Army Goretex Overtrousers
My first purchase was Army Goretex Overtrousers, being made of goretex they were incredibly light weight and completely waterproof. My normal waist size was 36 inches so I ordered goretex overtrousers with a 40 inch waist. Remember these trousers just go straight over the trousers you’d normally wear for fishing so it pays to go a size or two bigger to get a good fit. The trousers have an elasticated waist and legs so they are very comfy to wear and combined with a pair of Wellington boots (wellies) the bottom half of your body stay’s completely dry and being army surplus gear, the standard army DPM Camo pattern fits right in on the bank.

British Army Goretex Overtrousers, one of the best waterproofs for fishing.

Rip Stop Army Poncho
My second ‘fishing waterproofs’ purchase was a Rip Stop Army Poncho. The poncho is great for fishing, you literally just put it on like a jumper. It throws over you and you just poke your head through the hole in the top so it drapes down off your shoulders whilst you’re still wearing a coat underneath. The hood keeps your head dry and if you need to get your hands out you can just unfasten one of the studs that run down either side of the poncho. It’s made from ‘rip stop’ nylon so again the rain water just balls up and rolls off leaving you completely dry. The poncho is incredibly light weight but the ‘rip stop’ qualities mean it won’t tear if you catch it on some brambles or a branch. Another good point about the poncho is the colour, again olive green is perfect for blending in on the bank.

Rip Stop Army Poncho, one of the best waterproofs for fishing.

Neither the goretex overtrousers or the army poncho have any real thermal qualities but they are both windproof and they will help a little with wind chill at certain times of the year. Both are simply light weight garments that are designed to keep our soldiers dry and to pack away into a very small space and this makes them the perfect and certainly the best fishing waterproofs you can buy. Like many anglers before I’ve benefitted from using army surplus waterproofs, even today you’ll be hard pushed to find these kind of quality waterproofs at such a reasonable price. I wouldn’t use anything else to keep me dry when I’m out fishing in the rain and I’d highly recommend them if you go fishing regularly.

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